The Leading Security Awareness Training Solution

Powerful Solution

Easily manage your cyber awareness training program. The SANS Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform makes it easy to track results, be compliant, and change behavior.

Expert Training Content

Engage your learners, be compliant, and change behaviors. SANS Instructors, who train the world's info sec professionals, contribute to our expertly designed security awareness training content.

Client Success Program

Everything you need to launch, optimize and manage your cyber awareness training based on 20 years of industry leadership.

SANS Security Awareness focuses on the human element. Build a security awareness program that keeps your entire organization safe.

SANS Securing The Human provides security awareness training and security awareness programs for cybersecurity awareness professionals around the world. Securing The Human offers industry leading security awareness classes, tools and resources so that security awareness officers can easily and effectively manage their human cybersecurity risk. The SANS Securing The Human program includes all the training, tools, guidance and support security awareness officers need to simply and effectively build a best-in-class program.

"SANS Securing the Human is one of the best Security Awareness CBT programs I have seen in my 20+ years as a technologist."

James Gentile, CIO, Arizona Medical Board