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Securing The Human

I am very excited to officially announce the blog SECURING THE HUMAN. This is something I have been looking forward to for quite a while now. I have been actively involved in information security for almost twenty years . During that time I have seen both security threats and security professionals radically change. From changes in new tools and exploits to how the security community communicates and works together (thankfully much better in the past three years). However one thing has been consistent, the human is the weakest link. Cyber attackers are just like you and me, they will take the easiest path to get whatever they want. As we the security community get better and better at using technical measures to secure our resources, the human is only increasingly becoming the soft spot.

The blog is about fixing that problem, securing the human. Traditionally concepts such as awareness have gotten in a bad rap, in many ways deservedly so. Most awareness programs are poorly thought out and only half-heartedly implemented. I passionately believe this can and must be fixed. In the coming months I will share with you my thoughts and experiences on securing the human. In addition, I look forward to your input, experiences and lessons learned.




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Hi Lance, how you doing ''" good to hear from you.
Security Awareness is one of my big issues'' I have produced and presented awareness training to a number of organisations ''" as you know.. but the big issue I have is the lack of follow-up after I leave.. there needs to be a simple process to ''measure' the effectivness of security awareness. I have looked at some of the available software packages ''" but they all seem to be ''missing' something''
I look forward to reading the comments on your blog ''" you never know something positive may suddenly burst on the scene..
Greeting from Jamaica''