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I just finished presenting at the Polish security conference Secure 2010 here in Warsaw. I highly recommend visiting Poland if you get the chance, not only do they produce highly technical security professionals, but the food is amazing (hint, try the krupnik).

One of the many challenges that fascinate me about awareness is just how important culture is. What makes sense or is obvious to one organization or culture may not be for another. Often in my presentations I give examples of how cyber criminals fool their victims, such as with rogue anti-virus. This helps demonstrates just how far cyber criminals will go to fool people, and just how effective it can be. To your left is an example of a common rogue anti-virus site. Your challenge is to identify at least two things wrong with this page, how can you easily tell that this is not legitimate but setup by criminals? One is very technical but the other is very cultural. Hint, every time I present this in America it takes the audience about 5 seconds to "Spot The Fraud". Every time I present this in Europe, it takes literally minutes. I find this as a great example the difference cultures play in awareness. I'll post answers on Thursday but feel free to leave comments if you think you know.


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It is very hard to read. The number 12,789,1234 has the commas in teh wrong place or too many digits and 99,99 is usually 99.99 in the US, but commas are used in Europe.

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Peter Szabo

The first thing I noticed is the error in the top right, stating "Secure SLL" not "Secure SSL." A professional anti-virus software retailer would know the accurate acronym for Secure Sockets Layer.
In addition to the comma in the dollar amounts, there are typos in the Web Developer's testimonial ("realy" "is a tough a challenge".

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When these folks learn how to spell, we will have a much harder time catching them''.

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