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Securing The Kids

At SANS Orlando last week I presented a new SANS @Night talk called Securing The Kids. This is a new series of content focused on helping parents understand the threats their children face online and what they can do to protect them. We want our children to have the skills and experience required to be successful in the 21st century. Not only does cyber space in many ways define their social lives, but their future education and careers. However we also have to protect them against numerous cyber threats, many of which are unique to cyber space. Securing The Kids teaches parents what these threats are and how they can support and protect their children's online activities. The presentation was a huge hit with great input from a variety of families. If you could not attend I encourage you to download the slides and handout from Securing The Kids.

If you will be attending any of the larger SANS conferences in the future, be sure to look for this talk as part of SANS @Night series.


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Parents can also check if ISP has a portal about how to protect kids.
For instance, here in Italy, Telecom Italia realized a web portal "navigaresicuri" at (it means safe surfing) with lots of infos, videos, games, etc; a project realized with the government. I also recommend a visit at (European network of Awareness Centres)

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This is an excellent point. Quite often awareness training and education is far more effective when presented in the user's native language, perhaps even content developed by their own countrymen. Thanks for the European pointers!