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Get Your Security Awareness Budget With This Presentation

A common challenge many of us face in establishing a high-impact security awareness program is getting stakeholder support. Without champions in key positions it is very difficult to get budget, resources or organizational buy-in. As such, often the first step in any awareness program is having to first sell awareness in business terms. We already have several free resources to help you gain stakeholder support at our Stakeholder Resources landing page. We are excited to announce we have just added a new weapon to your arsenal, the Stakeholder Presentation template.

The purpose of this short presentation is to provide a template you can use when communicating to senior management. It explains in non-technical, business terms what the risks (and costs) are of not educating people, what an awareness program is and how it can help address these issues. We know every organization is different, as such this template is designed so you can easily add, remove or edit the slides. Also all slides have detailed notes.

Please send any suggestions on how to make this presentation better at We want to make this and all our other resources as effective as possible.


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Working for a start up that has a limited budget, but Very sensitive data!