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Security Awareness Roadmap - Officially Released

Building, maintaining and measuring a high-impact security awareness program takes alot of work. As a result, too often organizations are overwhelmed with where to start. Fortunately, there is a community of over 200 security awareness officers dedicated to developing free resources to help organizations with this process. One result is the Security Awareness Roadmap. These free resources take you through step-by-step in building your own high-impact awareness program. The Roadmap does not tell you what to do, instead the Roadmap provides the key questions you must answer. By answering these questions you build your awareness program.

The Roadmap consist of two key parts. First is the Security Awareness Roadmap, a 2′ x 3′ poster that documents and visualizes all the key steps. The second part is the Awareness Planning Kit, this provides all the templates, checklists and documents that the Roadmap references. SANS has printed over 100,000 copies of the poster, if you were signed up with an account on the SANS portal you should have recieved your poster already. If you did not receive a copy of the poster but would like one, email your name and mailling address to and we will be happy to send you one. Meanwhile you can download a digital copy of the Security Awareness Roadmap poster and the accompanying Awareness Planning Kit at the Planning section of the STH website.


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Nancy S Majangil

Keep up the good job. I would like to have a copy of the roadmap. Thank you.