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This month's OUCH!

OUCH! is out. This month's newsletter is on how to securely dispose of your mobile device. Many people would be stunned at just how much personal data your mobile device collects. Not only does it have everything your computer would, but also information such as your phone conversations, voice messages, text messages, geo-location tracking, apps with access to online accounts, etc. With the rate people upgrade their mobile devices, how you dispose of old ones quickly becomes a concern.

As such, with the help of Guest Editor Chris Crowley, we explain in simple terms what the risks are and most importantly what you can do to protect yourself (hint, its actually really simple). As always, download and share OUCH! from



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Hi there. Am interested in your view on physically destroying the actual phone/handset as surely it has the same internal memory (Flash?) as that of a SD card. You seem to indicate that users should be physically destroying SD cards so would this advice not apply to the phone/handset itself , as well? I have received this advice (i.e., physically destroying the phone/handset) from a ''regulator' as the factor reset/wipe or even use of 3rd party wipe tools/utilities is insufficient to remove all user data. Thx in advance.

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Hey Andrew, according to our Guest Editor Chris Crowley, using the reset option for wiping your information should be enough for most of your needs. Chris is a mobile device forensics expert and helped write and teaches the mobile device course for SANS Institute. You can always physically destroy your device if you want to be absolutely sure, but this approach should be good enough for most of us.