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OUCH is Out - What is Anti-Virus?

December's OUCH! is out. For this month's security awareness newsletter we decided to cover Anti-Virus. Guest Editor and malware expect Jacob Williams walks you through exactly what anti-virus is, how it works and most importantly its limitations. Ultimately our goal is for people to understand that while anti-virus is an important part of your cyber protection, it cannot detect nor stop everything. You, combined with technology, are the best defense in today's online world. You download and share OUCH! with your friends, family and co-workers and can access it in over 25 different languages.

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Good edition.
I would add two things to anti-virus strategy.
1. Backup. It won't prevent malware, but may help you undo damage done by malware if you have to roll back your machine, recover data, or worse''"reinstall. (Backup is my go to recommendation on anything, because it will help with almost any type of failure''"malware, hardware, theft, sabatoge, user error, etc.)
2. Least required. Do not run email programs or web enabled programs as administrator. Newer versions of windows have made this easier, but if you are still using XP give "Drop my rights" a try.

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Jay, great stuff, keep the comments coming! The one painful challenge with OUCH is the 1,000 word limit. I've learned that the hardest part about awareness is not determining what you will teach people, but trying to decide what you leave out. As for Backups, we could not agree more. In fact we felt they were so important we have an issue on OUCH just for that!

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I hear you! People have a short attention span. If you don't cut out some of the important information, the tune out all of the important information.
Maybe for situationns where there is overlap, rather than adding a new section and risking tuning them out, add something like this:
What if malware corrupts your information? See our September 2013 edition on "Personal Backup and Recovery"
I may be wrong. Just a thought. As always, easier said than done.

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Great idea Jay, keep them coming!