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OUCH-201508The August edition of the OUCH! newsletter is out. This month we cover backups. While not as sexy or exciting as other security measures, it is one of the most important (and simple) steps you can take to protect your data. Just last week my wife's hard drive crashed. We lost over 45,000 family photos and literally 15 years of our family history. However, what would have been a disaster was not an issue, we simply recovered her computer from Time Machine backups. Please help us spread the word about backups, download and share OUCH! with your family, friends and coworkers. And as always, thanks to our amazing volunteers OUCH! is available in over 20 languages.



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Loren Snodgrass

This month's newsletter is eerily similar to OUCH! September 2013. I'm not going to drop the ''p' word out of respect for Ms. Mahalik. So I'll ask the Editorial Board: what gives?

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Loren, there was absolutely no copyright issues, everyone on OUCH is a team working together to create the best articles possible. Every couple of years we repeat key topics such as two-step verification. We repeat because we have new subscribers, new translations and we feel its important to reinforce these key topics. In addition, these versions are updated to reflect any new changes in technology are reflected. Finally, we always bring in a new Guest Editor for the update to ensure a different perspective is brought in to ensure nothing is missed. OUCH is all about community effort, we were very fortunate to have Heather as part of that community effort this month.

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My employer asked me about Ramsonware, and was actually very concerned about it. It sounds scary, but when you peel back the layers, it is no worse than something that simply destroys your data (assuming you don't pay or attempt to pay).
My answer was while it sounds scary, treat it like any other malware that destroys your data'' assume the file is destroyed and recover from backup.
I always tell people the first and last step for mosts risks is to back up. It's a great protection against most risks to the availability of your data.

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Jay, I could not agree with you more. Instead of people getting all worked up about different types of malware, focus on the behaviors that defend against it. Keep up the great work!