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The Security Awareness Board Game - At the EU #SecAwareSummit

DariaCataluiEditor's Note: Daria Catalui is the Cyber Awareness Coordinator for the European Commission. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit 6/7 December in London. Below she gives an overview on her upcoming talk on gamifying awareness programs.

As my former boss likes to say 'Cyber security awareness month is everyday' so indeed the next stop for awareness professionals is the #SecAwareSummit . I am honoured to present a new approach. Namely a board game, yes a gamified solution to be used for cyber security awareness in mixed groups. Many supported in developing it and many tried it by now, with great response and results.

Why a Cyber Ready Game?

'Cyber Ready' is an awareness board game. The aim of the game is to pass specific cyber knowledge from experts to non-experts by creating mixed teams and by employing scenarios. This would potentially offer leaders in different fields a good learning method to up-skill the cyber security awareness of both technical and non-technical staff by learning from each other through playing. Also by creating communities of practice.

How Does it Work?

The time to play depends on the number of team members, estimate at a min of 30 minutes. Anybody can play it, and there is a minimum of 4 players. Participants receive the same scenario, but different tasks and they play by blue hat team vs red hat team. The game is facilitated by a trainer.

What Will I Be Able to Apply From Your Talk?

By presenting Cyber Ready board game and experience with the EU NIS quiz I would like to share with you:

  • When and why is gamification working;
  • Views on designing games and adding content;
  • A toolkit to use for your own organization;
  • Tips in developing communities of practice for your own cyber awareness programme

I'm looking forward to presenting more at #SecAwareSummit and perhaps playing a round of the game with you the community. See you in London for SANS #SecAwareSummit!

BIO: Daria Catalui is a passionate learner and cyber awareness professional. Currently she is enrolled within a PhD programme at Lancaster University in Technology Enhanced Learning and at the same time working full time in cyber awareness coordination for the European Commission in Brussels. Previously in her ENISA years, she was coordinating the European Cyber Security Month scale up from 7 pilot countries to fully edge 32 countries, designing and deploying e-learning like the NIS quiz or the NIS educational map, also setting up the group for a pan-European CTF or challenge. Having founded a youth NGO in her home country at the Danube River, she promotes daily peer to peer learning and participation in youth activities.