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OUCH is Out - Ransomware

The August edition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter is out. We selected thetopic Ransomware as ithas exploded as one of the most common types of malware used by cyber criminals today. Awareness, and not technology, is one of the best defenses people have against it.In addition, we are thrilled to have one of the … Continue reading OUCH is Out - Ransomware

Two New Webcasts Posted For You

Folks, we hosted two very popular webcasts last week that we wanted to be sure you had access to. Both of these webcasts are posted and freely available on our Secure The Human YouTube channel. Preparing For NCSAM: For many security awareness officers, October can be your busiest month as you prepare for and launch … Continue reading Two New Webcasts Posted For You

Security Awareness Roadmap - Updated Version

The Security Awareness Maturity Model was developed five years ago by a community of security awareness officers to solve a problem. Specifically the awareness communityneeded a way to visually communicate whatstagea security awareness program was currently at and where the organizationwanted to take it. The Security Awareness Roadmap builds on the maturity model by definingeach … Continue reading Security Awareness Roadmap - Updated Version

Why The Spectacular Growth in Ransomware?

Ransomware has become the attack 'du-jour' for cyber criminals, with successful attacks and reported paymentsall over the news (Brian Krebs being one of my all time favorite resources on the topic). However a question I have not seen answered is WHY are we seeing such an explosion? Running the Honeynet Project for ten years … Continue reading Why The Spectacular Growth in Ransomware?

OUCH Newsletter is Out - CEO Fraud

We are excited to announce this month's OUCH! security awareness newsletter - CEO Fraud. We chose this topic due to the dramatic rise in CEO Fraud attacks. What makes these attacks so powerful is that not only are they targeted, but most security technologies fail to detect them, there are nomalicious links or infected attachments … Continue reading OUCH Newsletter is Out - CEO Fraud