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A Tale of Two Summits - #SecAwareSummit

Folks, you have no idea how excited I am to officially announce the upcoming Security Awareness Summits in both London (10 July) and Philly (19 August). As many of you know we held our first Security Awareness Summit in Dallas last year. The results and feedback were so positive we are hosting two this year. … Continue reading A Tale of Two Summits - #SecAwareSummit

Book Review - Leaders Eat Last

As the book title sounds, "Leaders Eat Last" is a book on leadership. I read this book as it was recommended by several security awareness officers I know. Instead of a book on data driven management, the book focuses on the human element of leading. The book is fascinating as Simon Sinek goes into the … Continue reading Book Review - Leaders Eat Last

2015 Verizon DBIR - From a Securing The Human Perspective

After reading the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) I wanted to share with you my thoughts from a security awareness / human behavior perspective. Before I do, I just wanted to share a big thanks with Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr) and the DBIR team, they did an amazing job. For those of you who … Continue reading 2015 Verizon DBIR - From a Securing The Human Perspective

Target: Healthcare Organization

Editor's Note: SANS & NH-ISAC have just released the whitepaper: The What, Where and How of Protecting Healthcare Data by authors James Tarala and Kelli K Tarala. Below is an excerpt, the full paper is available for download at: A healthcare organization is responsible for protecting a patient's most private information; their medical record. … Continue reading Target: Healthcare Organization

Can't Patch Stupidity? Look in the Mirror

A theme I sometimes hear from people in the the security community is you can't patch stupid. That "End Users" are too dumb or ignorant to be secured. Wow, I can't think of a more unfounded, prejudice statement. First, "End Users" are people like you and me, so I suggest we start calling them that. … Continue reading Can't Patch Stupidity? Look in the Mirror