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The Need for Softer Skills

One of the biggest take-aways (and surprises) for me from the 2015 Security Awareness Report is the lack of soft skills in our field. Over 75% of those leading or supporting a security awareness program had very technical backgrounds, to include IT admins, security analysts and even webmasters (page 8). In addition, we found most … Continue reading The Need for Softer Skills

2015 Security Awareness Report

We are very excited to announce the release of the 2015 Security Awareness Report. This report details the findings from the Security Awareness Survey taken in October, 2014 by 220 security awareness officers. This report will help you gain the management support and resources you need to be successful, and enable you to benchmark your … Continue reading 2015 Security Awareness Report

2015 Release of STH.EndUser

At SANS Securing The Human our goal is to ensure you have the most effective training possible. To do that we are constantly reviewing and updating our training. The people involved in these updates include SANS Senior instructors, Subject Matter Experts, customers and community members. After six months of intense work we just released the … Continue reading 2015 Release of STH.EndUser

My Security Awareness Communications Plan

Editor's Note: This is a Guest Blog post from Rhonda Kelly, the Security Education and Awareness Architect at Oshkosh Corporation. In this blog post Rhonda discusses an amazing planning tool she developed for her awareness program and one that you can use for your own. Security Awareness Communication Plan Roadmap As I began to implement … Continue reading My Security Awareness Communications Plan

Call For Speakers - Security Awareness Summit

Folks, as some of you know we hosted the first ever "SANS Securing The Human Security Awareness Summit" last year. That event was so successful that we have decided to host two security awareness summits this year. The first will be in London on 10 July and the second will be in Philadelphia on 19 … Continue reading Call For Speakers - Security Awareness Summit