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What Ideas do You Have to Secure Today's Kids?

Folks, I'm pumped to be part of something new at RSA this year, an event focusing on how the security community can best reach out to and help secure today's kids. I'll be part of a keynote panel with some absolutely amazing other folks to include Alicia Kozakiewicz (if you don't know who that is, … Continue reading What Ideas do You Have to Secure Today's Kids?

Motivating Staff to Join the Awareness Cause

Editors Note:Today's guest post is fromAngela Pappas. Angela helps lead the awareness program atThomson Reuters, a global organization with over 58,000 people. In this series of blogs Angela shares with us how she established their Security Ambassador Program. Since the inception of my role in 2012 as a part of the information security training and … Continue reading Motivating Staff to Join the Awareness Cause

Book Review: Accelerate

Renowned researcher and author John Kotter has been a big influence on how I approach security awareness. His book Leading Change really opened my eyes to the steps to successful organizational change. Twenty years after Leading Change, you can think of Mr. Kotter's latest book Accelerate as an update. While I still think Leading Change … Continue reading Book Review: Accelerate

Book Review - Made to Stick

One of the biggest challenges I see security awareness programs face is poor communication. Most organizations know what their top human risks are and they know what behaviors are needed to address those risks. Where they fail is how they communicate these issues to their employees and staff. The book Made to Stick by brothers … Continue reading Book Review - Made to Stick

Webcast: 2015 Security Awareness Report

Join Bob Rudis from the Verizon DBIR team and Lance Spitzner from Securing The Human on Fri, 27 March at 11am ET as they cover the key take-aways from the 2015 Security Awareness Report. This is the first standardized industry report on how organizations are mitigating human information-related risks. Things you will learn include: Key … Continue reading Webcast: 2015 Security Awareness Report