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Security Awareness Summit Roundup

Folks, we wanted to share a friendly follow-up on the Security Awareness Summit this week. We had over 130 security awareness officers from around the world and numerous industries come to share their lessons learned. We designed the summit for maximum interaction, to include a 'show-n-tell' table where people could share their awareness materials, attendee … Continue reading Security Awareness Summit Roundup

Follow the Security Awareness Summit at #SecAwareSummit

Folks, friendly reminder that SANS first Security Awareness Summit will be next Wednesday, 10 September in Dallas TX. Not only am I excited about the six great speakers, but Alan Paller (SANS Director of Research) will be leading the panel at the end of the day. In addition we have lightning talks during lunch and … Continue reading Follow the Security Awareness Summit at #SecAwareSummit

OUCH! is Out - Using The Cloud Securely

The OUCH! security awareness newsletter for September is out. Led by Guest Editors James and Kelli Tarala, we explain what the Cloud is, how it works and how to use it securely. With the proliferation and use of Cloud technologies such as Google Docs, Dropbox or iCloud people are exposing themselves to greater and greater … Continue reading OUCH! is Out - Using The Cloud Securely

BJ Fogg - Behavior Model / Camp

One of the primary goals of most security awareness programs is to change human behavior. By changing peoples' behaviors we can reduce risk both to themselves and their organization. As we have documented in the Security Awareness Planning Kit, to change human behavior we need to answer three key questions, WHOSE behavior do we … Continue reading BJ Fogg - Behavior Model / Camp

Cyber Rules for the New School Year

Sending your kids off to school is always an exciting time as you know they are about to grow another year. Its also a great time to re-establish house rules concerning electronics and online activities. We want our kids to learn how to use and leverage 21st century technology, but we also want to protect … Continue reading Cyber Rules for the New School Year