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We Face the "Curse of Knowledge"

The more I work with the security community on the human element, the more I realize we face what is called the "Curse of Knowledge". The idea behind this theory is that the more you know about a subject, the more difficult it is for you to understand how others perceive it. I first learned … Continue reading We Face the "Curse of Knowledge"

Book Review - Leaders Eat Last

As the book title sounds, "Leaders Eat Last" is a book on leadership. I read this book as it was recommended by several security awareness officers I know. Instead of a book on data driven management, the book focuses on the human element of leading. The book is fascinating as Simon Sinek goes into the … Continue reading Book Review - Leaders Eat Last

Book Review - Made to Stick

One of the biggest challenges I see security awareness programs face is poor communication. Most organizations know what their top human risks are and they know what behaviors are needed to address those risks. Where they fail is how they communicate these issues to their employees and staff. The book Made to Stick by brothers … Continue reading Book Review - Made to Stick

Book Review - Mindset

One thing I'm quickly realizing about the security awareness community, including myself, is just how much we are lacking in soft skills. While most of us understand human risk and the behaviors we need to change, where we fail is HOW to change those behaviors, especially on a large scale. We as a community need … Continue reading Book Review - Mindset

Book Review: The Heart of Change

In November I reviewed the book "Leading Change" by John Kotter. I highly recommend anyone involved in or leading a security awareness program read the book. Mr. Kotter is considered one of the world's leaders in change management and provides a wealth of knowledge on how to ultimately change behaviors. I just finished his follow-on … Continue reading Book Review: The Heart of Change