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Symantec, How Could You?

One of the great things about awareness training is not only do staff become more aware and prevent incidents, but they start reporting attacks also, they become human sensors. Today I got just such an email from an employee reporting a phishing attack (click on email for larger view). The email was all about clicking … Continue reading Symantec, How Could You?

Why Just One Year Just Isn't Enough

Sometimes I'm asked the question why should an organization continue to pursue their awareness training year after year. After all, once people are trained isn't that good enough? Unfortunately no, in so many ways. Think about it, if you kept your computers locked down and secure for just one year, could you stop securing them … Continue reading Why Just One Year Just Isn't Enough

Who, Me?

In the past two weeks I've taught three different security seminars at three different organizations, each time for their security staff. A common trend I'm seeing and that continues to surprise me, and was confirmed at all three events, is that most employees still do not realize they are a target. I thought with all … Continue reading Who, Me?

Awareness Ambassador Programs - Pumping Up The Volume

A common challenge with awareness programs for large organizations is no one single awareness officer can effectively communicate to everyone. As a result, larger organizations will sometimes build an ambassador program, these are volunteers that help represent the security awareness team and share best practices, answer simple security questions and can be a conduit between … Continue reading Awareness Ambassador Programs - Pumping Up The Volume

The Power of the Communications Officer

One of the things I love about helping organizations with their awareness program is I'm constantly learning different approaches to changing culture. One of the key things I'm learning is, regardless of your approach if you do not have buy in and support of your internal communications team, your program is dead in the water. … Continue reading The Power of the Communications Officer