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Speaking / Teaching Security Awareness

Folks, I just wanted to share some learning opportunities about human issues and building effective awareness programs. Please join me as we learn together about securing the Human OS. Securing The Human Webcast: I'll be presenting a short, one hour webcast next Wednesday, 29 June on Securing The Human. Learn what makes the Human OS … Continue reading Speaking / Teaching Security Awareness

Securing The Kids

At SANS Orlando last week I presented a new SANS @Night talk called Securing The Kids. This is a new series of content focused on helping parents understand the threats their children face online and what they can do to protect them. We want our children to have the skills and experience required to be … Continue reading Securing The Kids

Slides From DOD IA Conference

I got to spend this week in Nashville, Tennessee presenting at the DoD's annual Information Assurance workshop. Sponsored by the NSA, over 2,000 members from all over the government attend. I presented my talk Securing The Human, you can download the presentation complete with notes from here. I was impressed how passionate many members … Continue reading Slides From DOD IA Conference

Learn How to Establish an Effective Awareness Program - From Home

I'm excited to announce you can now take SANS two day MGT 433 course from home through SANS vLive. SANS MGT 433 (also known as Securing The Human: Building and Deploying an Effective Security Awareness Program) is a two day class I developed to change and improve how organizations approach security awareness. The goal of … Continue reading Learn How to Establish an Effective Awareness Program - From Home

Security Awareness Training for Parents

One of the things I would like to do is better understand the resources parents have to help protect their children, specifically tools for monitoring kids activities. One of the things I've been dissapointed in is the poor selection of tools, especially reporting. What would be great is to get an email once a week … Continue reading Security Awareness Training for Parents