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BJ Fogg - Behavior Model / Camp

One of the primary goals of most security awareness programs is to change human behavior. By changing peoples' behaviors we can reduce risk both to themselves and their organization. As we have documented in the Security Awareness Planning Kit, to change human behavior we need to answer three key questions, WHOSE behavior do we … Continue reading BJ Fogg - Behavior Model / Camp

Cyber Rules for the New School Year

Sending your kids off to school is always an exciting time as you know they are about to grow another year. Its also a great time to re-establish house rules concerning electronics and online activities. We want our kids to learn how to use and leverage 21st century technology, but we also want to protect … Continue reading Cyber Rules for the New School Year

Show-n-Tell and Sharing at the #SecAwareSummit

Folks, as we gear up for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit in Dallas TX on 10 Sep, I wanted to share with you on how you can prepare for the event to make the most out of it. If you will be attending the event, some things to consider. SHARING: We are very excited about … Continue reading Show-n-Tell and Sharing at the #SecAwareSummit

Technical Guidance on Phishing Assessments

Several weeks ago we released thePhishing Planning Kit, a resource to help organizations plan and maintain an effective phishing assessment program. This kit is based on the suggestions, lessons learned and feedback from numerous security awareness officers who are actively leading their own phishing assessment programs. The reason we released the kit is that most … Continue reading Technical Guidance on Phishing Assessments

OUCH! is out - Encryption

The August edition of OUCH! has been released. For this month we focus on encryption. Far too often we tell people to use encryption to protect themselves and their information, but we do not explain what encryption is, why they should use it or how. Chris Crowley is our Guest Editor for this month and … Continue reading OUCH! is out - Encryption