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Mobile Device Security

Editor's Note: This post on mobile device security was originally posted to the SANS Penetration Testing blog by our colleagues Lee Neely & Joshua Wright. It's a good reminder of some key mobile security practices and helpful to raise awareness about simple behaviors that can make a difference. We often get asked for things … Continue reading Mobile Device Security

OUCH is Out - Securely Disposing of Your Mobile Devices

The Decemberedition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter is out. For this month we focus onSecurely Disposing of Your Mobile Devices. We chose this topic as the holidays is when many people get a new mobile device, leaving them with the challenge of what to do with their old one. It does not matter if … Continue reading OUCH is Out - Securely Disposing of Your Mobile Devices

Guest Blog - Nudging Towards Security

Editor's Note:This is a part of a series of blog posts by Sahil Bansal from Genpact on the topic "Nudging Towards Security". My first post emphasized why security should be really easy if we want people to do it. It also highlighted the importance of security being proactive since a lot of security incidents involve … Continue reading Guest Blog - Nudging Towards Security

Take The SANS Security Awareness Survey

We are very excited to announce the annual SANS Security Awareness Survey. Once a year, every year, we take a snapshot of the global security awareness community and create a report that you can use to benchmark and improve your security awareness program (download the last report here). What makes this annual report so powerful … Continue reading Take The SANS Security Awareness Survey

The Three C's of Awareness

Upgrade your Cyber Awareness Training with the Three C's of Security Awareness According to the 2016 Security Awareness Report, over 80% of security awareness professionals have a background in either information security or information technology. Less than 15% have a background in soft skills such as training, marketing or communications. This technical orientation has significant … Continue reading The Three C's of Awareness