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Security Awareness Summit - 10 Sep, Dallas TX

One of the challenges we are facing in the security awareness community is how do we take our program to the next level? Most organizations understand the need to move beyond just compliance and start changing behaviors. However how do we sustain that long term so we start changing culture? How do we build a … Continue reading Security Awareness Summit - 10 Sep, Dallas TX

This month's OUCH!

OUCH! is out. This month's newsletter is on how to securely dispose of your mobile device. Many people would be stunned at just how much personal data your mobile device collects. Not only does it have everything your computer would, but also information such as your phone conversations, voice messages, text messages, geo-location tracking, apps … Continue reading This month's OUCH!

New Feature - OUCH! Archives

As many of your know, OUCH! is a monthly security awareness newsletter free to the public. Developed each month by a SANS certified instructor, OUCH! also goes through two, intense community reviews to ensure high-quality and timely newsletters. In addition, each edition is then translated by a team of volunteers into over twenty languages. One … Continue reading New Feature - OUCH! Archives

The Security Awareness Planning Kit - Updated

Folks, we have lots of new and exciting updates for the Security Awareness Planning Kit which I wanted to make you aware of. First, just a reminder about this free resource. To build, maintain and measure an awareness program that makes a difference, you need to plan and coordinate. For planning you have to answer … Continue reading The Security Awareness Planning Kit - Updated

Guest Blog - A Social Media Acceptable Use Policy?

Editor's Note: Today's guest blog post is from Dave Piscitello who provides security and ICT coordination for security and policy activities at ICANN. Your organization uses social media to communicate messages about its programs, promote brand or products, and to build communities. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, public wikis and other Internet discussion forums are … Continue reading Guest Blog - A Social Media Acceptable Use Policy?