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Security Awareness For Parents - Handout

One of my passions is extending security awareness beyond just the work environment and making sure that parents are also armed with the skills and knowledge they need to protect their children online. SANS has done tremendous work in supporting this area, including a new series of SANS @Night talks called Securing The Kids. This … Continue reading Security Awareness For Parents - Handout

OUCH! Free Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

I am very excited to announce the April edition of OUCH! This month we focus on the dangers of staying online while traveling and how you can best protect yourself. Key areas we focus on are how to prepare ahead of time, risks of public Wi-Fi networks, and avoid using public computers. This month's Guest … Continue reading OUCH! Free Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

Security Awareness Globally

I just read an interesting article in a Korean newspaper about how Hyundai Capital was hacked. Hyundai Capital is the largest auto financing provider in South Korea.What I found fascinating about the article is not the attack, but the author's reaction. The author seemed to approach the hack as a radically new event, for example … Continue reading Security Awareness Globally

Securing The Kids

At SANS Orlando last week I presented a new SANS @Night talk called Securing The Kids. This is a new series of content focused on helping parents understand the threats their children face online and what they can do to protect them. We want our children to have the skills and experience required to be … Continue reading Securing The Kids

Phishing In The News

Wow, I've been away from the blog for one week and look at all the fun I missed. Phishing is all over the news right now. In case you have not heard, RSA blogged how their organization was compromised, spear phishing. As most of you know, these are phishing emails crafted for a specific organization … Continue reading Phishing In The News