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To NERC CIP Version 6 and Beyond!

Buckle up folks because the NERC CIP roller-coaster is about to take off again! The July 16, 2015 FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) proposes to approve the CIP V5 modifications (CIP-003-6, CIP-004-6, CIP-006-6, CIP-007-6, CIP-009-6, CIP-010-2, and CIP-011-2) which will collectively be known as CIP Version 6. FERC also proposes to accept the new … Continue reading To NERC CIP Version 6 and Beyond!


If you know anything about SANS you probably know that it's the world's largest provider of cyber security training and certification to professionals at governments and commercial institutions. We understand that the only defense against advanced cyber attackers are the skills that SANS teaches and we take that responsibility very seriously. We also know that … Continue reading All things NERC CIP @SANSICS

Lessons Learned from the EU #SecAwareSummit

Last week we hosted the first ever SANS Security Awareness Summit in Europe. The goal of the summit was to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world who are working to secure the human element. The event was huge success as over 80 professionals had the opportunity to meet and learn from … Continue reading Lessons Learned from the EU #SecAwareSummit

Guest Post #2 - Leveraging Social Media at Diageo

Editor's Note: John Haren is the Head of Information Security Governance, Risk & Compliance at Diageo and has responsibility for the company's Security Awareness program. Below is part two of a series where John describes how Diageo is leveraging social media to engage staff and help drive their awareness program. In a my previous blog … Continue reading Guest Post #2 - Leveraging Social Media at Diageo

The Internet of CIP Things (IoCT)

Editor's Note:Tim Conway is theTechnical Director of ICS and SCADA programs at SANS. Below he discusses the impact of the Internet of CIP Things. You have likely heard of the Internet of Things, which encompasses the interconnected network of "stuff" that has become completely intertwined in every part of your life. I present to you … Continue reading The Internet of CIP Things (IoCT)