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OUCH is Out

The August edition of the OUCH! newsletter is out. This month we cover backups. While not as sexy or exciting as other security measures, it is one of the most important (and simple) steps you can take to protect your data. Just last week my wife's hard drive crashed. We lost over 45,000 family photos … Continue reading OUCH is Out

Tip of the Day - Brand New

The Tip of the Day program is a free resource developed for the community. It provides a new security awareness tip every day on how you can secure yourself online. While the lessons learned focus primarily on home or personal use, these same behaviors also help secure today's organizations. As we are seeing throughout industries, … Continue reading Tip of the Day - Brand New

Not your father's CIP

Michael Assante There are many things that are still fuzzy when thinking ahead to CIPv5, what is clear is that you can't simply take your past V3 experience and apply it forward. NERC and industry have taken a big step forward in designing a set of cybersecurity standards that focus on protecting against cyber compromises … Continue reading Not your father's CIP

To NERC CIP Version 6 and Beyond!

Buckle up folks because the NERC CIP roller-coaster is about to take off again! The July 16, 2015 FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) proposes to approve the CIP V5 modifications (CIP-003-6, CIP-004-6, CIP-006-6, CIP-007-6, CIP-009-6, CIP-010-2, and CIP-011-2) which will collectively be known as CIP Version 6. FERC also proposes to accept the new … Continue reading To NERC CIP Version 6 and Beyond!


If you know anything about SANS you probably know that it's the world's largest provider of cyber security training and certification to professionals at governments and commercial institutions. We understand that the only defense against advanced cyber attackers are the skills that SANS teaches and we take that responsibility very seriously. We also know that … Continue reading All things NERC CIP @SANSICS