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Call For Speakers - Security Awareness Summit

Folks, as some of you know we hosted the first ever "SANS Securing The Human Security Awareness Summit" last year. That event was so successful that we have decided to host two security awareness summits this year. The first will be in London on 10 July and the second will be in Philadelphia on 19 … Continue reading Call For Speakers - Security Awareness Summit

A Foundation for Developer Security Awareness Training: Part 1

Guest Editor: Today's post is from Eric Johnson. Eric is a Senior Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and the Application Security Curriculum Product Manager at SANS. In this series of posts Eric will take a look at laying a foundation for Developer Security Awareness Training. Laying a foundation for developer security training is not … Continue reading A Foundation for Developer Security Awareness Training: Part 1

Book Review - Mindset

One thing I'm quickly realizing about the security awareness community, including myself, is just how much we are lacking in soft skills. While most of us understand human risk and the behaviors we need to change, where we fail is HOW to change those behaviors, especially on a large scale. We as a community need … Continue reading Book Review - Mindset

Engineering Cyber Safety

Editor's Note: This is a guest Blog Post from Tim Conway,Technical Director for the ICS and SCADA programs at SANS. Below Tim shares his thoughts on Engineering Cyber Safety. For many organizations that run security awareness programs, the question eventually comes up "how do I make our program more relevant and interesting to our audience". … Continue reading Engineering Cyber Safety

Two New Security Awareness Posters

For those of you who have a SANS portal account and subscribe to SANS maillings, you should have received your new Security Awareness posters in the mail this week. For this year we created two new posters, one for the Healthcare community and another for the Ordinary Computer User (OCU) on how to create a … Continue reading Two New Security Awareness Posters