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Feb OUCH - What Is Malware

Today we released the February edition of OUCH!, the free, monthly security awareness newsletter. Led by Malware expert and SANS instructor Lenny Zeltser, we explain what Malware is, who is creating it, and how to protect yourself. In addition, we just added Indonesian to this release. OUCH! is now translated into 23 languages. We had … Continue reading Feb OUCH - What Is Malware

Upcoming SANS MGT433 Courses

One of the most common challenges I see with organizations and their security awareness programs is they either are not sure where to start with building a new program, or they have an existing program and are looking to 'pump up the volume'. Either way, SANS MGT433 is the place to go. This intense two … Continue reading Upcoming SANS MGT433 Courses

STH.EndUser December 2013 Update

At Securing The Human we recently released the latest version of our EndUser security awareness training. Technology, threats and standards are constantly changing, so to should your awareness content. With this release we have several new updates and changes that benefit you and your organization. You can find the full details of all 43 training … Continue reading STH.EndUser December 2013 Update

New Security Awareness Poster - Don't Get Hooked

We are excited to announce the new security awareness poster "Don't Get Hacked". This poster is part of the SANS Winter 2014 poster series, if you are on the SANS mailing list and receive SANS course catalogs, you should receive a hard copy of this poster in the mail soon. You can also download a … Continue reading New Security Awareness Poster - Don't Get Hooked

The 3rd Top Three Security Awareness Topics

Earlier this week we discussed the importance of focusing your awareness training on a few, high-impact topics and then identified what we consider the top nine within the SANS Securing The Human library. Today we discuss the third and last set of three of those topics and why our Advisory Board selected them. Passwords: Let's … Continue reading The 3rd Top Three Security Awareness Topics