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#OUCH Newsletter is Out - Gaming Online Safely and Securely

The Julyedition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter is out. OUCH! is the world's longest running and most trusted security awareness newsletter. Each month we share key points on a specific security topic for the ordinary computer user in over 25 languages. For July we focus on helping gamers make the most of their play … Continue reading #OUCH Newsletter is Out - Gaming Online Safely and Securely

Hacker Village - At the #SecAwareSummit

Editor's Note: Taylor Lobbis a security community manager for developers within Adobe. Heis one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit 2/3 Aug in Nashville, TN. Below hegives an overview on hisupcoming talk onbuilding a Hacker Village. I am a manager of security and privacy engineering for Adobe. One of our core goals … Continue reading Hacker Village - At the #SecAwareSummit

Guest Blog - Nudging Towards Security (Touchpoints) - Part 5

Editor's Note: This is a part of a series of blog posts by Sahil Bansal from Genpact on the topic Nudging Towards Security. What is a touchpoint? A touch point is a point of contact or interaction. Be it any organization, the Information Security team has a lot of user touch points. A few examples … Continue reading Guest Blog - Nudging Towards Security (Touchpoints) - Part 5

2017 Security Awareness Report

A key challengewe face in the security awareness community is we have little data to make decisions. What are the most commonchallenges awareness programs face, what are provensteps youcan take to overcome those challenges, and how can you benchmark your program against others? The annual Security Awareness Report answers those questions and more. To accomplish … Continue reading 2017 Security Awareness Report

2017 Verizon DBIR - Human Perspective

The 2017 Verizon DBIR (Data Breach Investigations Report) is out. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this is THE data driven report that helps you better understand threats and what are the leading causes of incidents /breaches. The reportis important asit provides a trusted resource to help you make data driven decisions … Continue reading 2017 Verizon DBIR - Human Perspective