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Dropbox Awareness - Sharing Admin by Default

The Cloud is a powerful tool for sharing, it can enable people and organizations to be far more productive, especially in today's global and telecommuting age. However, Cloud providers can make it too easy to share data, as such organizations and their employees need to be aware of these risks. Dropbox (the 800 pound Cloud … Continue reading Dropbox Awareness - Sharing Admin by Default

Meetings In A Box

One of the things I love about teaching MGT 433, SANS two day course on building high-impact awareness programs, is the interaction with the students and how we all learn something new, including me. Just recently two students at SANSFire brought up a great idea for awareness programs, Meeting In A Box. While I'm sure … Continue reading Meetings In A Box

Security Awareness Roadmap - DRAFT

Several weeks ago I posted about the the Security Awareness Maturity Model. This consensus project was driven by a need for organizations to be able to easily identify how mature their awareness program was, and where they needed to take it. Over twenty organizations help develop the maturity model. Now we have taken the … Continue reading Security Awareness Roadmap - DRAFT

July OUCH! Free Awareness Newsletter

Folks, I'm always excited to announce the latest OUCH!, what I consider to be one of the most effective, free resources out there for security awareness. Every month we have a new Subject Matter Expert take the lead on OUCH! based on a current topic. Once drafted by our Subject Matter Expert, the newsletter is … Continue reading July OUCH! Free Awareness Newsletter

Dooh! - Missed a Sticker Submission

Apologies go out to Richard Beach, we missed his entry for the Security Awareness Sticker challenge. While it is too late to judge his entry, I've added it to the challenge submissions document and listed it below. By the way be sure to check out his website on security awareness at, Richard has some … Continue reading Dooh! - Missed a Sticker Submission