Security Awareness Client Success Program

Security Awareness Client Success Program

The SANS Client Success program contains everything you need to launch, optimize and maintain a world-class cybersecurity training program. Using proven templates and over 20 years of experience with 1300 organizations across the world, SANS Client Success helps any organization take their program to the next level.

"Another thing I appreciate about the SANS program is they give you a cookbook on what to do. It's not 'here are the videos, now go and do it.' There are instructions on how to put together a program, and a guidebook on how to manage the program, which I found very helpful."
- Stephanye Schuyler, Unitil Corporation

  • Easily achieve compliance through streamlined assistance
  • Fast program setup with less effort through improved intake and launch process
  • Clearly measure end user cybersecurity risk with advanced metrics
  • Optimize awareness training efforts with reporting and guidance

Download the SANS ACLP technical requirements guide

Most Powerful Platform

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Expert Content

Expert content is what makes ACLP powerful. SANS security awareness training content is built by the world's leading cybersecurity practitioners. Our team of PhD instructional designers and cybersecurity experts ensures learners engage with the content in a way that actually changes behavior. Read More