Security Awareness Solutions

Security Awareness Solutions

A solution approach to security awareness grounded in experience

Over the past 30 years SANS has led the cybersecurity industry with thought leadership and training. SANS has trained hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals and millions of everyday users. End users have learned that effective security awareness is achieved through a comprehensive, solution-based approach, not one-off point solutions that leave critical parts of your organization vulnerable and exposed. SANS delivers a powerful combination of platforms, products, resources, support and expert content to help security awareness professionals from compliance to continuous improvement.

Developing and running a security awareness training program is hard; those responsible for securing their organization are challenged to do more with less. We help with the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution available to security awareness professionals.

Powerful Platform - The ACLP is an integrated, end-to-end security awareness platform that delivers best-in-class training modules using expert content which makes it easy to manage an entire program in one place.

Practitioner Resources - SANS offers hundreds of free tools, reports, case studies, posters and resources so security awareness officers can quickly and effortlessly reuse proven content that works.

Expert Content - SANS content is built by the world's best cybersecurity practitioners and industry experts. No other organization has the depth of talent and breadth of topical coverage.

Proven Products - SANS products cover the range of needs from end user awareness training to developer coding certification.

World-class support - SANS support is second to none because we know how hard it is to run a program and what it takes to be successful. Many of our instructors and experts came from industry having previously run security programs.

Program Planning - Blueprints, templates, cookbooks - everything you need to plan a program that works.

Measurement & Metrics - Use the ... Awareness Maturity Model to plan and track progress along with measurement best practices, metrics and reports.

Unparalleled Events - Summits, training courses and networking events provide content, practice and networking with the right subject matter experts and colleagues to take your program to the next level.

Live Training - Learn the skills and concepts needed to build, maintain and measure an effective security awareness program. MGT 433 course content is based on best practices from hundreds of programs.

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