Expert Security Awareness Program Content

Expert Security Awareness Program Content

Don't trust your security awareness training outcomes to stale or boring content that doesn't change behavior. SANS security awareness content is developed using the most effective instructional design techniques to ensure high learner engagement while maximizing the opportunities for behavior change. Interactive learning is a key focus of SANS content and focuses on getting your learners to both "know" and "do" the right thing at the right time with accuracy and consistency.

Interactive learning spotlight

Our Password course asks learners to review methods for creating strong passwords, how to use passwords safely and how to use security questions to protect your online accounts. Learners then demonstrate their strength for each individual task while also showing competency across the global set of skills needed to protect passwords. We use learner scores as feedback to review content, and plan the next iteration of development. Our goal is to keep learners ready and hungry for the next challenge.

With SANS security awareness content, you can:

  • Change behavior with advanced instructional design techniques
  • Incorporate the most up-to-date cyber threat material
  • Keep your program up to date with new interactive training and awareness content
  • Make learning more interactive with updated EndUser experience
  • Engage learners through rich animations and in-training activities

SANS content is painstakingly developed by world-class instructors and cybersecurity practitioners to ensure you are getting the latest and most accurate information.

SANS instructors and practitioners involved in the creation of security awareness training include:

  • Lance Spitzner
    Mr. Spitzner has over 20 years of security experience in cyber threat research, awareness and training. He has worked and presented in over 25 countries and helped over 350 organizations plan, maintain and measure their security awareness programs.

  • Bob Rudis
    Mr. Rudis has over 20 years of experience using data to help defend global Fortune 100 companies and is a Security Data Scientist at Verizon.

  • Dr. Lisa Murray Johnson
    Dr. Murray Johnson is the Director of Content Research and Development for SANS Securing The Human. Dr. Murray-Johnson holds a PhD from Michigan State University and has 20 years of experience working with social and cognitive factors that influence learning and behavior.

"These quick hit videos actually make a very dry subject interesting and engaging. And that's really been the key to success for the program."
- Jonathan Everett, CISO, Unitil Corporation

Most Powerful Platform

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World-class Support

Running a security awareness program is hard. It's tough to know where to focus and how to scale a program across geographies and divisions. SANS Client Success program supports program development every step of the way. Read More