Security Awareness Research

Security Awareness Research

The SANS Securing the Human Security Awareness Research Reports and Case Studies below are .pdf downloads.

Security Awareness Reports

2017 Security Awareness Report

The most comprehensive and actionable report on the state of security awareness based on input from over 1000 professionals. Now in its third year, the 2017 SANS Security Awareness report enables security awareness professionals to make data driven decision to improve their programs.The report includes detailed recommendations and action plans to address the key findings uncovered in the analysis and is based on over 1000 participant surveys from the awareness community.

2016 Security Awareness Report

The Annual SANS Securing The Human Security Awareness Report outlines key issues facing security awareness professionals across industries. With survey responses from 369 security awareness practitioners, the report covers: Key Challenges, Budget overview & resource allocations, staffing profiles & demographics, obstacles to improvement, and top recommendations.

Security Awareness Case Studies

Unitil Corporation

Get an inside look at how Unitil Corporation runs their security awareness program. The case study covers how Unitil pushed compliance, secured budget, measured results, communicated success and ultimately changed behavior. Provides details of program design and implementation.

SECO Energy

How does one person create a culture of cybersecurity where every employee is vigilant? How does he accomplish this when security awareness is not his full time job? Read how Gabriel Sanchez at SECO Energy leveraged proven tools, templates and pre-built resources to increase his impact across the entire organization.