End User Security Awareness Training Support

End User Security Awareness Training Support

STH.EndUser Support Materials provide a multi-communication channel approach, ensuring that your users get the greatest possible learning impact. The computer-based videos are designed to be the primary education channel, while the purchase of newsletters, posters, and screensavers can be used for reinforcement.

Support Materials share the same images, format, and topics as each STH.EndUser video in order to reinforce your security message in a consistent manner. You will receive one newsletter, poster, and screensaver for each of the 43 STH.EndUser modules (129 files total). They can be branded with your organization's name, logo, and security team's contact information, and are provided to you in a single digital format. You can print or email them for use across your entire organization for as long as you wish. Support Materials are available in English, British, French, Spanish, German and Arabic.

Security Awareness Newsletters

One of the primary methods to reinforce your awareness program are newsletters. Every video has its own two-page newsletter, teaching the same topic and using the same imagery as the video, reinforcing key learning objectives. In addition, each newsletter is branded as your organization, including your organization's logo and your security contact information, enabling seamless integration with the rest of your program.

Security Awareness Posters

In addition, every module has its own, high-definition poster. Each poster is designed to take the key points from the training module and present them in a visually engaging format. Every poster is branded as your organization, including the your organization's logo and your security contact information.

Security Awareness Screensavers

Screensavers bring your security message directly to your employees' desktop and their daily work environment. Just like the newsletters and posters, the screensavers will use the same topics and imagery found in the videos. This ensures that a consistent message is always communicated. Screensavers are branded with your organization's logo and contact information and provided in Microsoft .scr screensaver format.