ICS Security Awareness Training

ICS Security Awareness Training

STH.Engineer focuses on security behaviors for individuals who interact with, operate, or support Industrial Control Systems. This computer-based training solution provides an introduction to ICS, details types of ICS attacks, covers basic system and network defense approaches, and reviews ICS governance and policy best practices. These modules were developed to not only assist your organization in meeting compliance requirements through continued training and standard reporting, but also change human behavior and reduce risk.

You may watch a portion of the Awareness Training for Engineers introduction video below and request a free demo here.

Security Awareness Training Modules

ICS Awareness Training for Engineering
  • Overview of ICS
  • ICS Drivers and Constraints
  • Overview of ICS Attacks
  • ICS Attack Surfaces
  • ICS Server Security
  • ICS Network Security
  • ICS System Maintenance
  • ICS Information Assurance
  • ICS Incident Handling
  • Attack Scenario

Product Webinar

Want to learn more about STH.Engineer? Watch to this pre-recorded webinar hosted by Mike Assante to get an in-depth look at the training program and how it can help your organization.

(Approximate running time of 45 minutes)

Free Poster

Print and hang our Control Systems Are A Target poster in your workplace.

Advanced Training

For more in-depth training for your ICS Engineers, check out SANS ICS Security Training.