NERC CIP Training Courses

NERC CIP Training Courses

SANS offers industry-leading in-person and computer-based training for NERC CIP. SANS CIP training is designed to meet the needs of the electric industry and the people with responsibility for CIP compliance such as the CIP Senior Manager, system operators, directors of CIP compliance and VPs of operations.

The most detailed and up-to-date NERC CIP Cyber Security Training available.

Computer-Based NERC CIP Cyber Security Training

The CBT course is tailored specifically to help electric system asset owners and operators meet their training responsibilities for NERC Reliability Standards CIP-004-6 R2 (CIP v6).

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In-Person NERC CIP Security Training

The 5-day SANS CIP training course ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection is the most in-depth, comprehensive training available to CIP practitioners designed for those responsible for program management and compliance implementation.

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CIP Cyber Security Training Benefits

Peace of mind. When heading into an audit the last thing you need is to worry if your training provider incorporated the latest developments in compliance standards and definitions.

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CIP Cyber Security Training Expertise

SANS is the most trusted information security training organization in the world. The SANS CIP team invested years to create the best training courses for electric industry executives.

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CIP Training Testimonials

Attention to detail. Relevance. Built by Experts. These are the hallmarks of SANS CIP training and what sets us apart.

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