NERC CIP Training Testimonials

NERC CIP Training Testimonials

What students say about SANS NERC CIP Training:

"Best CIP training I've ever had in all my years of the CIP program."
- Michael Veillon, Cleco

"Valuable information in a classroom setting you can't get anywhere else."
- Tiffany Applegate, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

Very good is not good enough for SANS because our students need to be the best in their business at defending against determined attack threats which means we have to be the best. Here are some key components that make SANS training better than other CIP training products when it comes to learning outcomes:

Attention to detail

Details such as language and relevance of the material matter greatly when it comes to CIP training. You will not find vagaries and generalities in SANS training - our CIP training is refined and teaching points tested before they are released to ensure the material is in context and relevant to your team, from a System Engineer to the Director of CIP Compliance.


Understanding that a problem exists is not enough - we burrow into a problem to understand how systems are compromised and what steps are needed to secure those systems to then build training that addresses the entire problem and solution ecosystem.

Built by experts

When it comes to CIP training and compliance, it takes people who've been there, people who have done the compliance work and people who have been responsible for achieving compliance on time and on target.

After working through multiple iterations of the CIP Cyber Security Training, SANS solicited feedback from an advisory panel of experts to ensure the content and curriculum both met the needs of industry and has specific and detailed language that improves learning outcomes.