SANS Phishing Training

SANS Phishing Training

Did you know that between 80-90% of companies around the globe get cyber attacked in some way? According to Verizon's latest Data Breach Investigations Report, one of those ways is through phishing attacks.

Humans are the key in thwarting phishing attacks, which is why an anti-phishing program, along with other security awareness training is crucial to keeping your organization protected.

Stop Phishing Threats

Beginning an anti-phishing training program can be difficult - unless you have the right tools. SANS Phishing Training equips you to train your organization with the right techniques to have the best defense when attacked with any kind of phishing scam. Rob M. Lee, SANS Cyber Security Instructor, Information Security expert states:

"Your threat is human. Not malware, not exploits, those are only tools. But your human adversary will leverage tools against you and for that reason you must be aware of those tools and understand your response. Phishing emails are one of the most common tools for adversaries to use to gain access to organizations and thus all organizations should be familiar with this tactic." Rob M. Lee, SANS Cyber Security Instructor

SANS Phishing does this by offering a simple-to-use, cost effective set of tools, templates and training campaigns to help you get the most out of an anti-phishing program. With it you'll be able to consistently reinforce the importance of security and create a top-notch defense against any kind of phishing attack. And since we utilize industry-leading subject matter experts to create our phishing training - you'll be able to provide your organization with an uncomplicated program that's reliable.

Implement New Phishing Campaigns

Get Up and Running Fast with Easy-to-Use Templates

Choose from a pool of templates or create or modify your own with our simple editor. Choose from dozens of templates to choose from that range in style and complexity.

Tiered Structure for Templates

We offer a set of templates in a tiered structure - with each set of templates growing in complexity as you go up tiers. You're able to zero in on target groups within your organization by assigning specific templates broken out by complexity.

Run Phishing Campaigns in Minutes

Scheduling and publishing campaigns are convenient to schedule in our Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP). Phishing tests including email and landing pages can be ready to execute in mere minutes.

Robust Phishing Reporting

  • Digestible, easy dashboards offer visual representation of assessments
  • Identify susceptible users by tracking individual behavior, system information, and other related data
  • Determine future assessment and targeted training needs. Automatically assign incremental training based on outcomes.

Measure Training and Campaigns

  • Benchmark your phishing results against other organizations & industries
  • Identify and track your repeat offenders for additional training
  • Know and show the impact of your awareness training with detailed metrics on risk exposure

Phishing is a Part of Maturing Your Security Awareness Program

Training on how to prevent phishing attacks and reporting phishing emails is only one piece of the puzzle. To be effective, anti-phishing learning objectives must be part of the overall security awareness training program. SANS Phishing is seamlessly integrated with the Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP) to ensure a holistic awareness solution.

SANS Phishing combined with the powerful Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform allows you to tailor a very precise training curriculum for each end user in your organization and maximize the awareness impact from every training engagement.

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